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Project Management

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Capital projects mean conversion of cash into fixed assets to an enterprise. Assets to be realized are being defined in terms of the SCOPE at the beginning of a project. Based on that, financial requirements and source of funds are getting determined and frozen in a base document.

For each part of the scope a set of phases is being run through: Engineering, Specification, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning. Each phase stands for a step change of progress on the way from an abstract vision through to the final facility.

For working down the scope identification of the phases is useful in every respect: Staffing, assigning responsibilities, scheduling and cost control. Likewise a simple organizational structure results from it, prerequisite for effective communication and Project Management.

Project Management coordinates processes and interactions of the phases by means of a schedule, preferably a CPS.

Project Management controls spending by means of a strictly regulated procurement process and periodic reporting. Services and material supply stand for progress to the project and are only available by spending money.

Project Management is accountable for functionality, quality of execution, maintaining schedule and cost as well as safety and health of all participants.

EME employees successfully take part in many capital projects internationally, supporting project management and project administration.